New Boarder Admission Form

  • Please read information carefully before signing:

    For the health and safety of all parties, Piper Glen Animal Hospital requires that all boarding guests be current on their vaccinations and must be free of any fleas, ticks, and parasites. If another veterinarian has vaccinated your pet we require verification in the form of a vaccine certificate. Failure to provide verifiable documentation will require that Piper Glen Animal Hospital examines and vaccinates your pet at your cost prior to boarding in this facility. Piper Glen Animal Hospital reserves the right to decline, at the veterinarian's discretion, boarding or other services to an animal with medical, behavioral or other various conditions.

    Your pet will not be seen by a veterinarian unless requested by you or your designated representative at drop off. In the event our staff notices a problem and brings it to the attention of a veterinarian, you will be notified before providing medical services except in the case of an emergency. Sometimes it is not possible to delay treatment due to potentially serious conditions. Examples are: urinary difficulties, diarrhea, vomiting, not eating, not defecating or excessive coughing.

    Boarding multiple pets together in a single accommodation is done at the owner's request and the owner assumes all risk and responsibility. If you choose to board multiple pets together, we reserve the right to observe their behavior and if necessary, separate them. If there are any injuries sustained from multiple pet accommodations, treatment of the injuries is the financial responsibility of the owner.

    Piper Glen Animal Hospital and staff take all reasonable precautions against injury, escape, or death necessary during services and/or procedures to maintain the well being of my pet(s). The clinic and staff will not be held liable for any problems that develop provided reasonable care and precautions are followed.

    Client Acknowledgement
    I will assume full financial responsibility for all charges incurred while boarding my pet(s). Current boarding rates and fees are disclosed and are available to me at the reception desk at all times. Additional charges may include but are not limited to, damage to the property of Piper Glen Animal Hospital as a result of my pet's actions. I further understand that in the event of an emergency my pet will have treatment provided at my cost, that there is not a guarantee of successful treatment and that the attending veterinarian will contact me as soon as possible regarding treatment options.

    I hereby acknowledge responsibility for making arrangements to pick up my pet(s) before closing on the scheduled date of pick up unless other arrangements are made in advance. I further acknowledge that payment in full is expected on the day of departure. I hereby agree to pay all costs incurred if I fail to retrieve my pet(s) before closing on the designated day of departure. I accept responsibility for these charges whether or not I retrieve my pet(s). I also understand that if I do not claim my pet(s) (pick them up) within ten (10) days of the designated pick up date, my pet(s) will be considered abandoned and Piper Glen Animal Hospital will turn my pet(s) over to the Humane Society, Animal Control or otherwise dispose of the pet as Piper Glen Animal Hospital deems proper.