If you already have an appointment scheduled, filling out this form prior helps us to provide you with the most efficient service possible!

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Dr. Appointment Pre-Visit Check In Form

  • Current Diet (Brand/Type) & amount offered dailyHeartworm Prevention (& last date given)Flea/Tick Prevention (& last date given)Medications/Supplements (click the + button for additional entries) 
  • Check your supply of heartworm/flea and tick preventatives, medications prescriptions, supplements, or anything else we prepare for you!
  • For medications, please let us know the important details:
    1. Exact dosage 2. Exact quantity 3. How much and how often you are administering 4. Will you need any pills cut?
  • Groomer, Daycare/Boarding Facility, Dog Parks, etc.
  • If so, let us know here and where we can call to get that sent over.
  • Examples:
    - Eating only 50% of normal amount

    - Drinking 25% more than normal

    - Is only eating about 10% of the daily offering and having to motivate
  • If your pet is showing one of these signs below, please select. If showing more than one of these signs, please select "My pet shows many of these signs."
  • While we wish it wasn't, we understand the vet can be a scary place for patients and their families alike.

    We want you to know that we have your pet's best interest at heart when it comes to their experience at our hospital.

    There are times when providing services in the exam room is better for the patient, and times when it is best for the patient to be removed from the smaller area that can sometimes feel more crowded and threatening than helpful.

    We will be sure to monitor your pet's behavior and body language closely so that we can determine what will be the least stressful approach to provide the best quality care.

    If given the choice, what would you prefer?