The Internet has changed the way we live, work and shop. The growth of the Internet has made it possible to compare prices and buy products without ever leaving home. But when it comes to buying medicine online, it is important to be very careful. Some websites sell medicine that may not be safe to use and could put your pet’s health at risk. Buying your pet’s medicine online can be easy. Just make sure you do it safely.

Before signing this form, we want you to know that Piper Glen Animal Hospital offers a safe, reliable and easy to use online pharmacy option for our clients and patients. The advantage to using our online pharmacy versus others is that all products are backed by their manufacturer, just like they would be if you purchased them in our hospital. Available products for purchase on our online pharmacy include:

  • Flea & Tick preventions
  • Heartworm preventions
  • A variety of prescription foods
  • Pain Medications
  • Supplements
  • and more! 

Click Online Pharmacy to get shopping!

Note: Your pet will need to have had a physical exam within the past year to order prescription products. Some prescriptions require that blood work be current within 6-12 months for safety reasons.  

Should you prefer to order your pet’s prescriptions from other third party websites, please keep this information in mind:

Some websites that sell medicine: 

• aren’t U.S. state-licensed pharmacies or aren’t pharmacies at all
• may give a diagnosis that is not correct and sell medicine that is not right for you or your condition
• won’t protect your personal information

Some medicines sold online:

• are fake (counterfeit or “copycat” medicines)
• are too strong or too weak
• have dangerous ingredients
• have expired (are out-of-date)
• aren’t FDA-approved (haven’t been checked for safety and effectiveness)
• aren’t made using safe standards
• aren’t safe to use with other medicine or products you use
• aren’t labeled, stored, or shipped correctly

Below is the Discount Prescription Waiver we require on account for approval of any orders requested through other online pharmacies. This waiver releases us of liability as the product is not coming from us, therefore we have no way of guaranteeing it’s safety and efficacy.

Discount RX Waiver

  • Waiver of Responsibility and Liability for Prescriptions to be Filled by Internet Pharmacies

    Piper Glen Animal Hospital is dedicated to caring for you and your pet in the most professional and ethical manner possible. As you have elected to purchase prescription products for a catalog/online source, it is our duty to inform you of the risks involved.I hereby request a prescription for medication(s) for my pet so that I can purchase these products from an Internet pharmacy or catalog vendor. I have been informed that the following risks exist when I obtain these products from such sources.There is the possibility that the prescription drugs received from these vendors may be counterfeit and may not have been approved by the FDA; the vaccines may not have been approved by the USDA; and the pesticides may not have been approved by the EPA. This has occurred in the past and could recur. As the provider of your pet’s care, our medical records keep track of all drugs dispensed by us to you. When you purchase your prescriptions elsewhere, our computer tracking system is not activated to print instructions for use or risks of adverse effects or to send reminders for follow-up exams and/or lab tests that may be needed to monitor results or adverse reactions. You may not have the prescription drug(s) available soon enough to start your pet’s medications at the optimal time to provide relief for his/her condition. When prescription products are purchased elsewhere, our staff members are unavailable to teach you how to administer them. The number of tablets or capsules, milligram size of the unit, volume and/or concentration of liquid, and number of authorized refills may differ from that prescribed by the attending doctor. Manufacturer rebates that would ordinarily be available for products purchased from this facility generally will not be available. The manufacturer’s warranties or guarantees for these products may not be valid. This means if your pet’s condition is not effectively treated with the product(s), manufacturers may not stand behind their products or product liability procedures. Additionally, the owners of and doctors at this facility will be unable to assist you in claims against those manufacturers. You may pick up a written prescription from our office or we will respond to a FAXED request from the catalog/online source of your choice. Please ask the catalog/online source to fax the request to 704-541-1377 or 704-541-0268. We will respond after reviewing your pet's history.I have read and understand the above, accept these risks, and am aware that this facility cannot accept any financial responsibility for paying for or reimbursing me for any treatments required as a result of the use of products purchased from these sources. In the absence of negligence, I agree to hold this veterinary practice harmless for any deleterious effects or lack of effectiveness of drugs or vaccines purchased from any other source.