Boarding Food Policy

  • Please read information carefully before signing:

    We prefer for you to bring your own pet's diet when boarding with us, however, there are situations in which we may feed hospital food here.

    If your pet does not eat the food you provide willingly, or if the supply of food brought was not enough for the length of the stay.

    Or, if you elect to have us offer hospital food at no additional charge.

    We will offer a sensitive stomach prescription diet that is easy to digest in canned or dry variety based on your preferences. It is still possible that the change in diet from what you provide at home will add to the stress your pet may experience here and possibly result in diarrhea and/or vomiting. If your pet is sensitive, we suggest you bring your own food and specific instructions for feeding. In addition, some animals will not eat well while boarding, so you may want to bring along something that you normally add at home in order to entice them to eat. Please be assured we monitor your pet closely, and if he/she does not eat, our kennel staff work with a doctor to determine what food is best to provide your pet while here. If this should occur, any extra charges for special food will be added daily to your boarding bill.